Are Car Dealers Open on Memorial Day?

You wondering if car dealers are open on Memorial Day, is like wondering if Best Buy will be open on Black Friday.  The answer is YES.  Yes it is.  Memorial Day has historically been one of the best days of the year to buy a car, and the car dealers want to make sure they are available to move some inventory.  With Memorial Day being the start of summer and new models coming in the fall, it’s important for the dealers to clear the way for their arrival.  This works because of two things.

  1.  The manufacturers are providing great incentives to customers
  2. The dealers are more willing to negotiate because they want to increase sales at this important time.

There are big benefits to buying a car this time of year.  Since these models have been on the lot longer, the pricing is going to be more aggressive.  Smart Memorial Day car buyers are also getting the benefit of the extra time on the warranty.   That means that not only will you get a great deal, you’ll also still have the full duration of the warranty, as it’s based on the date of purchase and not the timing of the manufacture.

Used cars also see a big boost of sales (and decrease in price) on Memorial Day.  Be sure to do your research, and find the car and price that’s right for you.

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